Best High Tech Athletic Wear For Men

Since fitness has more recently taken off as everyone’s favorite hobby, the sales of fitness clothing have naturally soared, too.

However, the market is bombarded with clothes claiming to use the latest textile tech to help aid your workout, make you sweat less and give you the most comfortable experience while exercising. While these claims might just be a load of old marketing spiel, one way of finding out for sure is by putting the tech to the test.

Wearing 2XU’s racer trisuit, when competing at the AJ Bell London Triathlon in AugustLee Bell

I have been trying out a bunch of different brands’ fitness clothing, all of which claims to be developed with some sort of technological innovation, to find out if they work as well as they promise. Here are a bunch of what I deem the best…

Best for under everything: Runderwear

Runderwear’s high tech fabric has zero seams so won’t chafe like other undergarmentsRunderwear

Promising a chafe-free experience no matter what you are doing, it’s no wonder that Runderwear was voted by the UK as the best underwear and socks brand in the 2018 Running Awards.

The undergarment material is made via a flatlock edging and 360-degree construction which results in a seamless pair of undies that offer comfort for even the longest of runs.

The high-tech fabric is constructed with micro-perforations, which manage airflow to improve the wearer’s core temperature control to maximise your comfort during any activity. This also wicks moisture and sweat away fast to keep you dry while you’re bossing it. These are the most high-tech yet functional undies you’ll ever pull over your ass.

Best for hot weather: Adidas Climachill 

Adidas Climachill keeps you cool during super hot environmentsAdidas


Adidas latest compression wear, called AlphaSkin Climachill, has been designed to wrap your muscles for not only a secure feel, but with a stretchy fabric that pulls heat out of your body as it sweeps sweat away. This, I’ve found, makes them perfect for hot yoga sessions in the winter, or hot weather outdoors in the summer. They’re also made to resist odour with a Polygiene technology for a more fresh feel, and UV protection guards against the sun’s harmful rays. I’ve been wearing the compression shorts, which proved to stay cool and dry as I added intensity to my training sessions.

Best for sprinting: Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo

Nike’s latest pair of Pegasus running shoes are probably the most high-tech of their kindNike

Inspired by Nike’s Vaporfly Elite and 4%, combined with the go-to staple Pegasus, the US sports giant created the Zoom Pegasus Turbo earlier this year, and they’re by far one of my favourite pairs of running shoes. While I found they’re ideal for short sprints, these lightweight daily trainers feel on-point whether you’re enjoying some easy miles, pushing through a long tempo workout, or even super-fast fartleks. But the main thing here is comfort, being central to how enjoyable the Turbo is to run in. My favourite innovation here, though, is the bevelled heel, which gives you a smooth heel-to-toe transition. There’s also a sturdy, waffle-pattern outsole which provides multi-surface grip when you push off the ground. A true delight to run in, no matter the distance.

Best for yoga: 2XU ICE X

2XU isn’t one of the legacy brands you’d associate with sports or fitness, but it’s certainly getting there. I’ve used the firm’s compression stuff for many a yoga class and they’ve proven the best again and again, mainly due to the extra grip built into the fabric that helps with balances poses when you’d usually be sweaty and slipping everywhere. The durability of the material is top notch too. My favorite is the ICE X full-length compression tights.