BVA warning: don’t make pets ‘fashion accessories’

An online row over a pink poodle has prompted the BVA to remind dog owners that pets “are not fashion accessories”.

Lydia Geal and Eggz.
Lydia Geal and Eggz.

Lydia Geal sparked a spirited debate with hundreds of comments – both pro and anti – when she dyed the legs and tail of her black and white toy poodle Eggz a shade of bright pink and posted pictures on social media.

Miss Geal, a professional dog groomer, has vigorously defended her right to give her 18-month-old pet a colour makeover and said the animal hasn’t faced any health issues.


BVA junior vice-president Daniella Dos Santos said: “Most owners consider pets a part of the family, which is great, but we should remember pets are not fashion accessories.

“Inappropriate anthropomorphism – such as dyeing fur to match their ‘personality’ or otherwise unnaturally changing their appearance – is not only unnecessary and potentially harmful, but in some cases can also prevent pets from expressing their natural behaviours.”