Chris Simms makes a sideline cameo in Colts-Chiefs game

Getty Images

PFT Live co-host Chris Simms had an extensive presence in the 90-minute NBC pregame show that aired before Colts-Chiefs on Saturday. He also made a cameo during the game.

Late in the fourth quarter, at a time when the Chiefs presumably would be running the ball in order to run the clock, quarterback Patrick Mahomes dialed up a deep ball for receiver Tyreek Hill. An official running just beyond the white stripe followed the play. Just inside the five yard line, the official ran into a large object shaped just like Chris Simms.

Simms received a hard, two-handed shove from the official — one that may have put Simms on the ground if he’d been wearing dress shoes (as he was earlier in the day). Simms explained on Monday’s PFT Live that he quickly apologized to the official, eventually saying to him, “I’m a dumbass