Do you want to be a YouTuber? Here’s how to start a career on YouTube

YouTube is a leading platform which has given wings to various artists in different genres. Their wit and creativity have made them big, letting them acquire an essential space on screens as well as in people’s hearts.

YouTube has gradually developed itself into a platform for building a successful career, one that is both exciting and creative.

In this article, Prateek Bhargava, CEO of Mindler, a career guidance platform, compiled quick tips that can help YouTubers become successful.

How can you start a career on YouTube?

Well begun is half done! But to begin well, you need a combination of perseverance, patience, loads of enthusiasm, and gradual content development to taste the recipe of going viral.

Here are a few avenues to work upon before starting a career in this field.

1. Selecting the right direction and theme

Before scripting the content, it’s essential to decide a particular genre for your channel. Specifications of a genre attract interested users and make it easy for the users searching for the content on a particular genre. Some of the famous themes are beauty, fashion, travel, etc.

2. Make your content speak your heart

It’s very difficult to be spotted in a list of millions but there is a key to standout- filter your content with your unique aura. Try to add a personal touch so that your audiences can identify and perceive your ideas.

3. Diversify your content as you grow

Keeping an eager audience entertained is a task but surprising them with fresh content is a blessing. Pamper your audience by spending proper time conceptualising your ideas, writing content/script, and editing it to polish and perfect it.

4. Quality is your companion

Let your ideas showcase themselves as clear as crystal, hence never compromise on audio/video quality. For someone determined to make a career out of YouTube, a good camera is a primitive investment, and for someone just trying a hand can either lend a good DSLR or use a good smartphone camera on a tripod.

5. Awaken the filmmaker in you

Lights, camera, action — isn’t just limited to fancy studios anymore. Good editing and filming can go a long way in increasing the prominence of videos.

Basic knowledge of photography, filming, and editing will be helpful. You can take up some short-term courses in photography and film-making to dip your feet in the pool and level up as your followers’ base growth.

6. Be the expert of your field

Now that YouTube is your bread and butter, you should keep discovering, exploring, and upgrading yourself about its interface and features to make the best use of it in your career growth. The platform is changing, so make sure you stay updated by reading up.

7. Design it your way

Your YouTube channel page is like your mirror, it reflects your creativity and your personality. YouTube offers numerous layouts and design templates to facilitate personalisation. So, make the best use of these features to make your page visually attractive and user-friendly.

8. Play the smart name and tags game

Titles should be attractive and should trigger curiosity in the viewer’s mind and yet be relatable to one and all. Use tags and keywords to enable your video to be visible in searches and be discovered by more and more people. The right title and tags can shoot up your viewership.

9. Make social media your best friend

Social media serves as a medium for viewers to connect with their stars and feel closer to them. Budding YouTubers should try to be active on different platforms and engage with their viewers to make their content accessible to a larger section of their audience.

10. Keep your fan base happier

Your viewers decide your career’s fate. Maintain an active base of fans and supporters to boost your content. Stimulate them with giveaways, interact through live videos or organise ‘meet and greets’ and see your fan base grow.

How To Make Money Through YouTube:

YouTube is a growing offbeat career with humongous scope, with benefits like the flexibility of work and the oppportunity to express yourself.

You can earn money while you are at it too. Some of the ways you can earn money as a YouTuber are:

1. Partner with YouTube and monetise videos

After winning the hearts of a considerable amount of viewers, you’ll get an option to partner with YouTube. The partnership will allow YouTube to display advertisements on your video and you would earn money, every time a viewer views your video.

2. Association with brands

A large active fan base makes you the preference for many brands. Brands then offer you a win-win situation to feature their products in your videos in exchange for monetary benefits and free products.

3. Branding with your own niche

A great way to promote your channel and earn is to collaborate with brands. Recently, Levi’s Jeans paired with many comedians and got them to customise their own jeans in whichever way they liked. This trend helped YouTubers promote their own name through the brand.

In a Nutshell

YouTube is a blessing to all those who dream to make it big, displaying their concealed creativity with utmost brilliance. So, if you feel that you have it in you, don’t hesitate, just ideate, create and shoot!