Justin Bieber Is Sporting His Wedding Band to Hawk Drew Clothing Line

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is flaunting his married life in the name of selling clothes.

The “I Don’t Care” singer has been sporting his wedding ring recently, but only showing it off while decked out in his Drew clothing line. Bieber shared a shot on Monday, proudly showcasing his husband status while wearing his silver wedding band, lavender Drew House shirt, and cargo pants.

Days earlier, he posted another picture while sipping coffee. Tagging his brand, Bieber is head-to-toe in Drew House and the ring is casually seen.

Bieber hasn’t been seen out in his ring, like ever, so it’s ironic he’s showing it off for the first time in these promo pics.

Unlike his wife, Hailey Bieber, he hasn’t been wearing it on the streets and didn’t even wear it during his music video with Ed Sheeran.