Millions of Apple iPhone owners’ cables and accessories may soon be useless

Sankt-Petersburg Russia April 5, 2018: Apple iPhone X on office desk with icons of social media facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat application on screen. Social network. Starting social media app. Photo taken at company office

Apple is known for unceremoniously ditching technology and ruthlessly removing sockets it considers old-fashioned. Now it’s been claimed iPhone owners are about to have all their cables and accessories rendered obsolete. The last iPad Pro famously removed the Lightning connector used for charging and connecting other devices, replacing it with a generic USB-C socket. Apple watchers are now speculating that the same will happen to the next iPhone, which is due for release in September. One French user was testing out a beta version of iOS 13 – the next Apple mobile operating system – when they noticed a clue which could point to the tech giant’s future plans. When they plugged an iPhone into their Mac computer, it showed a graphic which has been described as a USB-C cable – although it’s not entirely clear which type of cable it is. This has been hailed as evidence that future iPhones will feature this type of connection rather than Lightning. This might actually be a good thing, because it means the same wires and gadgets which work with your PC or laptop will now be compatible with an iPhone too. But it’s not great if you’ve got loads of Lightning accessories, such as hard drives or speakers which use this connection.