Nike launches self-lacing ‘smart shoes’ you can control with your phone

nike shoe

Nike has launched a new shoe that boasts self-lacing technology designed for athletes and basketball players.

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These new shows can be controlled from a smartphone. The new Nike Adapt BB shoes have what Nike describes as ‘power laces’; these tighten or loosen the shoes at the press of a button either on the shoes or through a smartphone app.

But how does the shoe actually work?

When someone puts on the Nike Adapt BB shoes, a custom motor and gear train senses the tension needed by the foot and adjusts accordingly. By touching a button on the shoe or by using the Nike Adapt app on a smartphone, people can input different fit settings depending on the different moments of a game.

Nike said in a statement that during a timeout, a player can loosen the shoe before tightening it up as they re-enter the game: “In a forthcoming feature, they can even prescribe a different tightness setting for warm-ups. Plus, players can opt in to firmware updates for the FitAdapt technology as they become available, sharpening the precision of fit for players and providing new digital services over time.”