PUBG’s new snowy Vikendi map goes live on its test servers, new weapon, vehicle to follow suit

PUBG Vikendi map

he rumours of a new map arriving in PUBG has been doing rounds for a while. While the developers had already given us a hint of a snowy map making its way into the game, we were wondering when that would happen. The good news is that PUBG’s official blog has announced the rollout of the much awaited snowy map for the game and they are calling the new world Vikendi.

The new snowy world in PUBG has been uploaded presently on the test servers and is now accessible for players to test out as well as report bugs. The new map is claimed to bring a fresh yet challenging gameplay scenarios for players, which should make it more satisfying to snatch the Chicken Dinner.

Vikendi measures 6 x 6 on the grid and is completely covered in snow. The whole map is modelled after a resort island in the Arctic Circle, with a fictional Mount Kreznic looking over the entire island. The map has certain unique features such as a careful mix of businesses, villages, a cosmodrome, a Dino park and similar other places of interest. The developers have made sure that “Vikendi is as beautiful as its dangerous.”

Since the map will primarily hold gunfights instead of pleasure tours, the developers have built in an intense amount of detailing into the map. Players will have to tread carefully as the snowy surfaces will register footprints and therefore can give away players’ locations to enemies. Additionally, the varying topology covered in snow also makes for easy sniping, thereby requiring players to keep a strict vigil on their surroundings. However, the detailing in the game is so immaculate that players will be able to witness longer days (similar to how it works out in the polar regions of the planet) and might even get a chance to fight enemies under skies filled with auroras. Vehicles will also be more slippery in snow or icy areas and it will require intense attention to control the vehicle control as you speed up.

A new map doesn’t mean it will have to make use of existing accessories from other maps. In a typical PUBG fashion, the developers have given the new map some signature accessories to make for an exciting gameplay. For those who love moving around the map faster, a snowmobile should be of prime importance to hunt for enemies or escape the blue circle as fast as possible. As for weapons, the G36C Assault Rifle is a new addition to the armoury that replaces the SCAR-L.

Apart from the new content, the latest patch also fixes several bugs and brings refinements to the animations. The parachuting system will be getting a more realistic overhaul, allowing users to glide or dive during freefall with better animations. Players will be able to cut their chutes before hitting the ground as well.

The developers are unclear as to when the update will land up as a final build and when the new content will be ported for PUBG MOBILE. Since the theme has been conceived for celebrating winter period, we could expect the Vikendi update to roll out at least within two months on PC, consoles and mobiles.